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January 20, 2010

Kanuka Blossom

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Kanuka Blossom

Kanuka Blossom

The white patches in the bush are getting paler, as the flowering season of the ti trees comes to an end. Kanuka and Manuka are both generically known as “ti tree” (or tea tree – the fine leaves can be used to brew an infusion), and both used to be classified as leptospermum. But nowadays, kanuka is known as Kunzea ericoides. It has small leaves and small flowers, but grows to the impressive height of up to 15 metres (in windy coastal positions it may remain a bushy shrub). Kanuka plays an important role in the regeneration of the bush, in that its high canopy provides shelter to other seedlings growing below.

(By contrast, manuka is a smaller shrub, with larger leaves and larger flowers. Tomorrow there will be a picture.)

Read more about manuka honey and manuka oil.

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