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Pou Whenua: Glen Eden

Pou Whenua: Glen Eden

Pou Whenua: Glen Eden

This pou stands outside Glen Eden Library (map), and a flyer about the library has this explanation:

“The Pou Whenua is carved from a single piece of kauri timber and stands 6 metres tall. The top figure in a strong haka pose represents the time when power to hold life and land was mostly physical. The middle and bottom figures represent modern times, one of them being a sports player, the other represents learning. The three figures represent the history of the area and connect to, and value, the library as a source of information and knowledge in the modern age.”

This pou whenua is by John Collins and Sunnah Thompson, Matariki Carvers, Te Kawerau A Maki.

More images of pou in the region will follow later.


  1. leif hagen

    I think we’d call that a totem pole over here? Interesting art!

  2. paul

    Indeed, it seems that they are very similar concepts.

    In fact, there is a Canadian totem pole (by Tim Paul) on Awataha Marae, on Auckland’s North Shore.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hilda

    I think it’s beautiful! And I also find it fascinating how similar its concept is with the Northern totem pole.

  4. zyzzyz

    What a contrast between the artwork and utilitarian design of the lamp posts.

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