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Fishing at Muriwai

Fishing at Muriwai

Fishing at Muriwai

Muriwai has many attractions: birds, surf, fishing, parapenting, bush, geology, and watching people engaged with any of these. And I nearly forgot to mention golf. Flat Rock below one of the gannet rookeries at Muriwai is a popular fishing spot, but you have to know what you are doing, as the West Coast can be unpredictable and unforgiving.


  1. leif Hagen

    Great action shot! I wonder if they caught many fish?! Over here in Minnesota, the guy are ICE fishing . . .

  2. paul

    Some 8 years ago, we were walking on the frozen Regina Lake (Saskatchewan) and eventually curiosity got the better of me. So I knocked at one of the numerous huts on the lake, to investigate. We could not have struck it more lucky: a very hospitable fisherman inside, with a blazing fire, explaining it all to us while pulling one fish out after the other. Probably more than they catch at Muriwai…

  3. Donna Hamilton

    Oh, GREAT photo…and how we as local residents [-our family has lived & farmed at Muriwai since 1922-] can relate to this. We see some pretty scary stuff…and they fish off the big flat rock too…and the waves pound in…and just about every weekend during the summer months we see the Westpac Rescue helicopter flying out to do a rescue. Muriwai beach is ever-changing…have you caught-up with the waka that has recently been “un-sanded”??…incredible, as we know from locals the last time this was ‘seen’ was back in the 1920’s.
    There isn’t any public transport out to Muriwai, which is a bit strange (!!??) especially when there is also the world-famous takapu (gannet) colony which sees 1.2M [human] visitors per year. The whole Muriwai area is steeped in history (both European & Maori), and as Auckland’s Eco-tour (which has been rated Tripadvisor’s No1 Auckland tour since May ’08) ‘Coast to Coast Tours’ is pleased to be able to share our local knowledge with our international visitors.

  4. paul

    Thanks Donna. Here is the story about the waka unearthed at Muriwai Beach.

  5. Lachezar

    This is a great image, but really dangerous fishing spot. I admire thos who brave the waves!

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