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Painted Boxes: Zeke Wolf

Painted Boxes: Zeke Wolf

Painted Boxes: Zeke Wolf

This telecommunications cabinet is along the road into Piha. Local potter and painter Zeke Wolf is the artist who has populated it with birds and plants of the New Zealand bush. The top is also painted, but you will have to investigate yourself…

At present (January 16 to February 14, 2010) West Coast Gallery in the old fire station in Piha has an exhibition “Kakapo Dreaming” of Zeke’s paintings in a similar style; they also stock Zeke’s amazing pottery.

In Auckland City and Waitakere City, many traffic control cabinets, roadside transformers and telecommunications boxes have been embellished by artists commissioned to do the work (usually sponsored by power companies, telecoms, paint companies, and the councils). For well over two years, I have ‘collected’ (photographically) many such painted boxes – I will present a selection over time. This art form, which is easily overlooked, but appreciated by many, has a rather transient character, as I noticed that some of my photos have no longer a counterpart in real life (replaced, repainted – in boring grey or overpainted with another artwork, or removed).

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  1. Johnny

    Curious that transfromador electric paint. Spectacular all your photos especially the vegetable dealer. Good work !!!!.

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