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Peter — Titirangi Village Barber

Peter -- Titirangi Village Barber

Peter -- Titirangi Village Barber

Meet Peter, village barber in Titirangi. Here he is welcoming me (through the mirror) for a haircut. He opened shop in January, planting a barber’s pole outside Lopdell House, and a sign “Barber Room” points up to level 2 of this house of culture. He fills an obvious gap in the array of local amenities, and the view from his vantage point is for free.

Mathematical footnote: a popular version of Russell’s paradox defines a village barber as a person who shaves those people who do not shave themselves, and only those. You’ll work yourself into a lather if you then ask the question: does the village barber shave himself?

Edit: Lopdell House is undergoing major renovations; Peter is now located at the Soul Centre at 18 Huia Road, just around the corner. Phone 0272 612 615.

Lopdell House is back in action, and Peter the Barber has again a room (2 floors up). Same phone number: Phone 027 261 2615.

Peter is now working from home by appointment (motto: “appointment beats disappointment”), phone 027 261 2615.

Update from Peter’s Facebook page: The Barber room has a new Room, same address but im inside in the front room of the house very cosy on these chilli days look forward to seeing you there 0272612615 for bookings.


  1. Bill

    He could do with a haircut himself.

  2. Steffe

    Hello Peter.

    Fun footnote.

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