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Painted Boxes: Tree Huggers

Painted Boxes: Tree Huggers

Painted Boxes: Tree Huggers

This traffic control box can be found outside 366 Karangahape Road (map). It is one of numerous boxes decorated by Doug Ford (one of his murals was featured here on January 15). This one is “adopted by the Greens” – we will come across other adoptions in due course. When I met Doug at the Titirangi markets last year, he told me that these adoptions were no longer acceptable, but I did not understand why.

Doug Ford has a muralsblog of his own. (Thanks to Timespanner for the link.)

Read more about Doug Ford at The Big Idea or at Wall Gallery, Ponsonby.


  1. Best looking graffiti I have seen.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if all utility boxes were painted by artists? This pair is wonderful!

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