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Jack Frost’s Wash (Cherrie James)

Jack Frost's Wash (Cherrie James)

Jack Frost's Wash (Cherrie James)

Another sculpture from the Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, Kaukapakapa.

From the exhibition notes:

“The clothesline is the most common kinetic sculpture in New Zealand, seen laden with clothes and spinning wildly in most backyards.

Frost’s Wash reveals only the shape, form and weave of the fabric and not the substance of our clothes as they hang hard stiff and cold after a heavy frost.”

At present, we would have to seriously exercise our imagination to think of frost, but this may be easier for people on the Northern hemisphere.

Jack Frost's Wash (Cherrie James)

Jack Frost's Wash (Cherrie James)


  1. tapirgal

    Hello, yes, it was a great trip, and I’m having a lot of fun remembering it in photos. We were not there long enough to know if the punts were being used this time of year. It rained heavily the day before, then snowed in the night. As you to your “laundry,” it looked cold enough to me, so I guess the viewer brings something to it 🙂

  2. Bill

    Ah, the old Hills hoist as a sculpture! Wonderful!

  3. J Bar

    Interesting work.

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