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The Potter’s Hands: Kairava Gullatz

The Potter's Hands: Kairava Gullatz

The Potter's Hands: Kairava Gullatz

WestCity Shopping Mall in Henderson had a weekend of art last weekend. One of the participants was the potter Kairava Gullatz, demonstrating here how to finish off a vase she had thrown on the wheel. She also invited young spectators to get involved:

Getting involved

Getting involved

Kairava has a studio at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson, where she teaches pottery classes for adults and for children.


  1. What beautiful captures of mood, expressiveness and artistic talent. Lovely.

  2. Great photo of potter Gullatz! I featured a potter on my blog several weeks ago at our Eagan Art House where they also give pottery lessons!

  3. Love both these photos in the potter’s studio. Love the working hands.

  4. These are great shots. I guess as a potter you’d need steady hands.

  5. Love both these photos, but especially the bottom one. You’ve captured the child’s concentration beautifully.

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