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The Tide is Turning

Looking South over Karekare Beach

Looking South over Karekare Beach

Yesterday was another glorious day, if a tad nippy. So I went for a walk along the Hillary Trail on Auckland’s West Coast, starting at the end of Log Race Road (map). It took a bit over two hours return to go past Mercer Bay to the top of the cliffs above the north end of Karekare Beach, where this was the view south. The tide had just started to go out.

The Karekare stream emerges from behind the rocky ridge of the Watchman, further back is Karekare Point and Panatahi Island. The mouth of the Pararaha stream can be seen (with some imagination), and behind lies the vast expanse of the sands and wetlands of Whatipu. A most enjoyable outing.

Looking down from on High

Looking down from on High


  1. Bill, Brisbane, Australia

    What fantastic views. A great place to go for a hike. I want to see that one day.

  2. paul

    Let me know when you are coming, Bill!

  3. tapirgal

    I see that you had comments off. I hope you have many more visitors than comments. These photos are well worth seeing!

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