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Te Wero Island Carvings

Taurapa (Te Wero Island)

Taurapa (Te Wero Island)

As you walk West from the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum (map), you pass a historic lifting bridge (no longer operational) leading to Te Wero Island, a reclamation which nowadays serves as carpark and as a venue for concerts and the like. Just after the bridge, you are greeted by the gate shown below, and shortly after that you find on your right the stern post of a Maori canoe (the taurapa of a waka), depicted above.

From the Auckland City Council I learned that they were carved by a group from Ngati Whatua (the people of Orakei, the people of the land) under the supervision of a man called Blaine Tito in advance of Americas Cup 2000.

Carved Gate (Te Wero Island)

Carved Gate (Te Wero Island)

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  1. That’s a beautiful carving and a good perspective to shoot it from.

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