Tiberius the Titirangi Mouse

Tiberius the Titirangi Mouse

(Wednesday is for painted boxes.)

This telecommunications cabinet is in Woodlands Park Road, Titirangi, just above the Hollywood Road intersection. It shows characters from the children’s book Tiberius the Titirangi Mouse by P. Ross, all embedded in the bush vegetation so typical of Titirangi. The detailed painting is by Edith Diggle. In an earlier post we saw her just around the corner painting a scene of ducks and other local creatures.

Here is the summary of the book: “This is the story of Tiberius, a small brown field mouse who lives in the bush in an old kauri stump in Titirangi, with his companions, five hu-hu beetles. One day Tiberius meets a small white mouse who lives in the Big House, and together they enjoy some wonderful adventures.”

You can read a few pages on Google Books.