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NZI Centre

NZI Centre

NZI Centre

This is the NZI Centre at the corner of Fanshawe Street and Market Place. Recently this building collected a raft of architectural awards: for Commercial Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Sustainable Architecture. (Architects: Jasmax. Citations below.)


Category : Commercial Architecture
NZIA Practice: Jasmax Limited
Citation : New standards for office space in New Zealand have been set by this elegant building, which marks the successful execution of an ambitious and complex project. Using an interesting, visible corner site to full advantage, it emphasises quality over bulk floor space, creating a sense of unity among the disparate parts of a large organisation. A generous and dynamic atrium space allows ground level public access through the building. It is a place enjoyed by all who work in it.

Category : Interior Architecture
NZIA Practice: Jasmax Limited
Citation : An exciting conception has been carefully seen through to create a stimulating interior. A central, dramatic atrium space provides a circulation axis, as well as energising and unifying the whole building. The organisation is outstanding, exemplified by the cleverly located communal meeting rooms. There is a wonderful feeling of space, with views to the outside and through the atrium from most work areas, yet at the same time a strong sense of being part of the whole community.

Category : Sustainable Architecture
NZIA Practice: Jasmax Limited
Citation : This building represents the successful culmination of a vision shared by the clients and architects, one in which sustainability was fundamental from the start. Natural light and openness engender an uplifting feeling and a sense of connectedness to the outside world from all parts of the building. Sustainability principles are not casually brought on board to chase green star points; they are intrinsic to the building’s design. The NZI Centre sets a new standard for what is required of our corporate citizens.

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  1. Bill

    I am not surprised that this building won a stack of awards. It is a fabulous building. What a talented architect.

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