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Loo with a View #2

Karekare Tunnel Camp Longdrop

Karekare Tunnel Camp Longdrop

About halfway between Karekare Point and Pararaha Point along Auckland’s West Coast is an ARC’s Tunnel Camp Site. Access is by foot only, and thus facilities are limited.

In the 19th century, the sea used to reach right to the bottom of the rock faces, but over time masses of sand have built up. There are now dunes containing freshwater lakes and wetlands, and the seashore is now nearly 1km further out.

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  1. Caroline

    Have you ever done the Tongariro Crossing? I did that in the rain last year, and there was a portaloo tied down with guy ropes in the middle of a huge lava field. Quite the most bizarre loo I have ever experienced. And there it was, complete with a queue of hikers waiting to go…

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