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Chaise Lange (Peter Lange)

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

This happy moment of caffeine indulgence presented itself to me when I took pictures of this brick art bench by Peter Lange outside Caluzzi Bar and Cabaret in Karangahape Road. As I was taking pictures, these two gentlemen emerged from the Thirsty Dog Tavern and Cafe next door, asking me if they should liven up the image by sitting on the bench – thank you guys, much obliged, you made my day, and my blog! (I don’t even know their names, they were so eager to get back to work.)

Peter Lange has appeared on this blog before – he has honed pottery and bricklaying to a fine art, with accomplished skill, great imagination, and a lovely sense of humour. He is a studio tenant at the Corban Estate Art Centre in Henderson.

This is from the “News” tab on Peter’s website: “With Jenny, my daughter, I recently installed a seat on Karangahape Rd “Chaise Lange” which is designed to hold 5 large drag queens dancing and also provide casual seating for passers-by. Made of a steel plate core and tiled with 1300 hand-made tiles.”

And here is the video of the opening ceremony.

Chaise Lange (Peter Lange)

Chaise Lange (Peter Lange)


  1. Steffe

    A very unique bench. And as you say the photo got more interesting with the coffee drinkers.

  2. Bill

    I hope they bought you a cup of coffee for taking their picture. I love that bench.

  3. leif Hagen

    They seem like two cool dudes – especially the guy on the left!

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