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Self Portrait at the Museum

Self Portrait at the Museum

Self Portrait at the Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum are having an exhibition “Kai to Pie” from June 12 to 25 October (kai is a Maori word meaning food). From the program notes:

“Kai to Pie — Pie to Chai — Nosh to Posh. Whatever way you slice it, Auckland’s stories can be told through food: from the extraordinary wealth of people and cultures, to its fertile abundance of land, sun and sea, come up to the Museum for a serving of Auckland on your plate.”

The image is a reflection in one of the exhibits, obviously dealing with seafood.

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  1. BillyB

    The irony of having to prove I’m person by typing in the word IKEA is just beyond belief. NZ may not have IKEA yet but you will; be warned.
    I’ve forgotten what I was going to say about your wonderful pic other than it’s a good’un.

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