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Whau Pod (Steve Woodward 2007)

Whau Pod (Steve Woodward 2007)

Whau Pod (Steve Woodward 2007)

Olympic Park in New Lynn (map) is home to a good number of works by Steve Woodward. This one is entitled Whau Pod, and if one thinks of these pods in terms of yesterday’s post (I certainly would), then one might well mutter about artistic licence and such like. However, the answer lies in looking at the pods after they have fully ripened, as in the picture below: one can clearly see the six chambers, filled with seeds of some pinkish coloration – the sculpture depicts their falling out of the pod.

One of the streams bordering Olympic Park is the Whau Stream.

Whau Pod with Seeds

Whau Pod with Seeds


  1. herta

    Love the abstract sculpture, love the subject matter, very clever in reduction to the essentials.
    great shapes, great photography!

  2. Bill

    Art is a matter of taste. I rather like this simplistic pod wheel.

  3. Jacob

    It’s a good thing you referenced the bottom photo and explained things, ’cause I had no idea what a Whau Pod was! Although the “art” is kinda weird, I kinda like it, and it seems to be relative to its surroundings. Very nice photos, Paul!

  4. tash

    The pods are so wild looking and so funny. Fabulous photos.

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