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Almost a Reflection

One Moth on our Window --- Two Shots

One Moth on our Window --- Two Shots

A moth sitting on our window, shot from the inside out and from the outside in (and assembled in Photoshop).

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  1. J Bar

    What a beauty.

  2. joan

    This is a truly beautiful image and a clever take on the theme.

  3. Lily

    this is an amazing shot. I like how you put the two of them together.

  4. nathalie in avignon

    We’ll that’s cheating a wee bit, if your photo was assembled in photoshop, isn’t it?
    But then the result is so splendid who would care to complain.

    I’ve just spent a long while browsing through your older entries and wow, you do have some wonderful photos there – along with some most interesting comments, which is something I find quite important.

    I loved (in no particular order) the 2 workers who came to sit on the bench you were photographing, the spectacular rainbow over the valley, the black & white shot of water spilling from the dam, the three oyster catchers (in Australia they are very shy birds, very hard to get close to) etc…

    I’m bookmarking your blog, I’ll be back. Keep up the good work!

  5. boom nisanart

    Cool !!!!!
    Beautiful shot as well

  6. BlossomFlowerGirl

    Beautifully done. So delicate.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  7. Jilly

    How stunning. Beautiful photographs and the work you did afterwards. One day I’ll try and learn Photoshop!

  8. t. becque

    Seriously neat photo!

  9. Gunn White

    This is GREAT!
    Sooooo pretty!:)

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