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Ironbank Building

Ironbank Building , Cross Street End

Ironbank Building , Cross Street End

The Ironbank Building is a new office building at 150 Karangahape Road, consisting of five towers in the shape of stacked containers. Three of the towers face Cross Street, a narrow service lane parallel to K-Road, and two slightly lower ones face the main road. The building also provides a convenient passage way between K-Road and Cross Street, and as a consequence there are several new shops/cafes down there.

The design of the building has obviously captured the imagination of the world of architecture, earning the highest architectural accolade in the country (the NZ Architectural Medal) in 2010, and also being runner-up in the category of office buildings in a worldwide competition, the World Architecture Festival, Barcelona 2009.

Design by RTA Studio, Auckland.

(Units are leasing now, visit

You have to watch the video of their car stacking system! (And while you visit that page, take a tour of the building.)

Ironbank Building - Courtyard View

Ironbank Building - Courtyard View

Ironbank Building from Upper Queen Street/Cross Street

Ironbank Building from Upper Queen Street/Cross Street


  1. Julie

    I like this building!
    To begin with, I read it as Ironbark Building, I guess because of the texture and colour. It is very timber like. Why Ironbank? Maybe the courtyard is a wee congested.

  2. BlossomFlowerGirl

    Great photos. I really like the building – it’s very unusual. They look like drawers. I don’t recall seeing them when I was in Auckland. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. They are always appreciated.
    Kia Ora.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  3. nathalie in avignon

    Paul, your two photos are gorgeous and I love this building, both the stacked wooden containers and the glass tower. I followed the link to the car stacking system, didn’t really like it. It relies too heavily on machinery – so many things can go wrong before you can retrieve your car !

  4. t. becque

    Wow, this is great architecture and your photos are fantastic of it! It reminds me a little of the stacked hotels in Japan – I can’t remember what they’re called now!

  5. Hilda

    Heehee, fun! I like this building very much!

  6. joan

    Buildings like this win awards but don’t always stand the test of time … your photos of it are excellent.

  7. Bruce Calvert

    Hi Paul,
    I liked your photos. Keep up the website!

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