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Old Reflected in New

Old Reflected in New

Old Reflected in New

The mirror glass in the curved surface of the City Sales Building in Karangahape Road reflects the facade of the Purchas Building, built about 1885 for Dr Purchas. An unencumbered view of the historic block is shown below.

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The Purchas Building

The Purchas Building


  1. Gemma@Greyscale

    A fascinating, buckling reflection of the old building! It looks as though it may have been used for something other than shops in some far distant past! And it’s huge!

  2. michael

    I love the carnival mirror effect in the new building windows. It also provides a nice contrast of old and new.

  3. Sylvia Kirkwood

    I love the quirky shapes the building takes in the reflection! That is so cool! Fantastic shot for the day, Paul! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  4. Julie

    The reflection is nicely presented, Paul. The old and the new is quite striking. I also appreciate seeing the unencumbered old building. I like that sort of terrace architecure. We have our fair share of it here in Sydney, especially around where I live. Isn\’t it a shame that some blighter knocked off that centre balaustrade up the top.

  5. P-TER

    The reflection is wonderfull!!!

  6. carolyUSA

    This is a super amazing composition! Wow! Great find!

  7. EG Wow, Canada

    Very NICE! It’s not just old in the new but WONKY old in the new. 🙂

  8. ann

    My bus drove along K road in the late 70s on the way back to my flat in Grey Lynn. Do you remember you got a free transfer? Got off at the fish shop, buy a snapper for $2 when it was my turn to cook. Then I got the bus again.

  9. Bill

    That first one is a great reflection shot. It looks like a surreal building opposite.

  10. 'Tsuki

    Funny the way the reflection of the building seems jerky, just like those light effect in night club, if you see what I try to mean (ahem ; my english is really porr, sorry)…

    Thanks for this inspiring sharing !

  11. Gine

    Jolie allégorie et belle photo !

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