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Painted Boxes: Grapevines (Ted Rogers)

Painted Boxes: Grapevines (Ted Rogers)

Painted Boxes: Grapevines (Ted Rogers)

(Wednesday is for painted boxes.)

This transformer was painted by Ted Rogers in 2008. It is located outside Faracs Grandview Estate Wines at 172A Don Buck Road, Massey. What better subject than grapevines with tempting bunches of ripe grapes!


  1. Sarah

    That is a really cool design and the colors show up well. But I have to ask what are these boxes for?

  2. Gunn White

    Nice and creative ART!:) I like it!

  3. Ali Brown

    How do I get permission from you, the photographer, to use one of your photos (Lower Nihotupu Dam) to illustrate an article I have written? I cannot find any contact no matter how hard I scroll. I found heaps of lovely/clever/amusing/inspirational (etc) pics so scrolling wasn’t a chore.

  4. paul

    Thanks a lot for the comments.

    @Sarah: modern life would come to a standstill without the boxes (be they painted or not). The ones I showed in recent posts are mostly transformers which supply power to a neighbourhood – I don’t know how common that is outside NZ. But boxes at intersections which control traffic lights (e.g. one of Doug Ford’s boxes or one by Sean Kerrigan) seem to be universal, and another variant contain telecommunications equipment (e.g. Zeke Wolf’s box) – see the website Artistically Painted Utility Boxes.

    @Ali Brown: Sadly, my contact disappeared on a recent ‘upgrade’ of the site. Email me at paul AT

  5. Rose

    I love this painted box, and from the sound of the comment you made above, there are more. I don’t have time right now, but can’t wait to explore your blog a bit.

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