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Winter Pruning

Winter Pruning

Winter Pruning

Leafy avenues are an asset – but they require some looking after. As rain clouds threaten, the arborists of Treescapes do the necessary maintenance of the plane trees in Seabrook Avenue, New Lynn, removing dead branches, shaping the trees and reducing the tangle of past growth. Careful maneuvering is required to get between the branches and to avoid the power lines. The men in their abseiling gear are fun to watch.

A Skywatch Friday photo. More Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site!


  1. Tricia

    I hope they did a good job for you!

  2. Jossie

    It looks rather dangerous but it makes a great picture!

  3. Manang Kim

    Looks like they do a good job. More months I could see like that here too. happy Friday!


  4. Ewok

    What a wonderful capture this is. A slice of everyday living added to a little skywatching. Thanks.

  5. Celine

    A very good shot, thanks for sharing!

  6. Martha Z

    I suspect that more than making the trees pretty, the workers wanted to keep the branches out of the power lines. What ever the motive, it’s a great shot.

  7. Tulsa Gentleman

    This is much more interesting that the usual cloud picture. The job requires that the worker be part monksy and part acrobat.

  8. Bill

    What an amazing sight. I hope they get paid a lot, especially the one in the tree, at least danger money.

  9. PJ

    Looks like a beautiful day, I would love to be taking photos from that basket.

  10. boom nisanart

    What a beautiful photo ! I like the shot of man on the tree..look great and look risky

  11. ann chin, New Zealand

    I like the man on the tree. Wonder if his employer’s insurance covers him working this way.

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