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Everyone’s an Art Critic (Richard Wedekind 2008)

Everyone's an Art Critic  (Richard Wedekind 2008)

Everyone's an Art Critic (Richard Wedekind 2008)

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Last Sunday, the TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre had its opening day at the Pah Homestead (72 Hillsborough Road). This grand mansion has become the new home for a remarkable collection of contemporary New Zealand art. Above is shown a sculpture by Richard Wedekind in grey painted steel, entitled “Everyone’s an Art Critic”. It is found in the garden outside the “Morning Room”.

The above shot seemed ideally suited for high contrast black and white treatment.

A picture of this sculpture in a different setting and in colour can be found in the database of the Centre. I am grateful to curator Nicholas Butler for pointing me to this page.

The picture below shows how the citizens of Auckland embraced the new amenity – a few more visitors than you would like for a gallery viewing, but just fine for a great celebration. The sculptures in the alcoves are by Paul Dibble, left, and Terry Stringer).

Go visit the place, it’s good and it’s free!

TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre Opening

TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre Opening


  1. joan

    The top shot is just perfect in B&W. The silhouettes look like liquid.

  2. t. becque

    Oh interesting b&w, I like it.

  3. Julie

    I suspect the conversion to B&W has quite changed the top image, Paul. It is immensely suited to mono which allows the silhouettes to take their rightful place front and centre. What a good choice for your post this week in Dragonstar\’s meme.

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