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Avondale Market: People and Produce

Impressions of Last Sunday's Avondale Market

Impressions of Last Sunday's Avondale Market

The CityDailyPhoto theme for September is “Open Air Market”. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants. My regular Wednesday theme of painted boxes will resume next week.

My choice is the Avondale Sunday Market, which attracts up to 20,000 people to Ash Street, Avondale, in the grounds of the Avondale Racecourse. Buyers and sellers of many different ethnicities make this a colourful affair. Not to mention the goods on offer, from produce to fresh fish, DVDs to bric-a-brac, food stalls (“we have more than enough food venders on the grounds sorry” says the website, deterring any new would-be food merchants) and coffee carts, tools and garden plants, flowers, and, and, and… Above is a round-up of last Sunday’s pictures. Of course there were earlier posts from this market on this blog.

From their website: “The Avondale Market is open EVERY Sunday (rain, Hail, or Public Holidays). It’s open from 6 am thought to 12 lunch time.”


  1. Julie

    Lovely set of images, Paul. And I like that you have included the stall-holders … they make or break a market in my opinion. Love the white radish and what it resembles!!

  2. VP

    A powerful collage, it gives a real flavor at this market.

  3. Jilly

    There’s always so much to be seen in a market and you’ve shown it all. This is a wonderful collage! I love all those wonderful faces.

  4. EG Wow, Canada

    What a busy market! 20,000 people? Wow!

  5. BlossomFlowerGirl

    Wonderful collage of market day, Paul. I like how you’ve combined people (portraits) with produce. Very well done. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  6. PJ

    What a beautiful array of food and faces. An outstanding collage, I really, really like this post for Theme Day – or any day!

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