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Signs of Spring: Cygnets at Western Springs

Cygnets at Western Springs

Cygnets at Western Springs

It’s the time for cute pictures, with all the new life that comes with spring. Enjoy!

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  1. You’ve taken a beautifully crisp photo of some really fluffy creatures. Happy spring to you!

  2. Beautiful composition and range of black & white tones.

  3. The clarity is terrific, Paul. I like the variation in the texture of the water surface too.

  4. That’s better … soft and fluffy.

  5. Mais qu’elles sont adorables, ces petites choses duveteuses ! Très bon ce cliché… Bien mis en valeur grâce au noir et blanc.

  6. Made The Wall – wuhoo!!

  7. They almost look like they’re glowing. Really nice (and cute!) photo.

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