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Signs of Spring: Kowhai Blossom

Kowhai Blossom

Kowhai Blossom

One of my favorite Kowhai trees is in Atkinson Ave, and it is in full bloom now. When I drove past the other day, I stopped and took the shot above. The dark background on the other side of the road was a bonus.

Below: the actual tree – unfortunately the sun was not out when I took the picture. Kowhai (sophora sp.) are quite common in the Waitakere Ranges and at this time of year add a beautiful yellow hue to the green of the bush. They are also popular trees in gardens and along some streets.

Kowhai Tree in Flower

Kowhai Tree in Flower


  1. That’s a beautiful bloom.

  2. The tree itself looks nothing special, but the flower does. Great shot.

  3. What a lovely flower. I was surprised to see what a large tree it is. They must be spectacular.

  4. That is most interesting. I really enjoy learning about your flora! And birds. Keep them coming…

  5. That is beautiful, both the tree and all the colors in your photo. We have +13 and rain here up in the north…. Autumn will soon show it`s colors.

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