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Painted Boxes: Tropical Green

Painted Boxes: Tropical Green

Painted Boxes: Tropical Green

This transformer is at Jack Pringle Park, Te Atatu Peninsula. Rengarenga lilies (New Zealand Rock Lily – Arthropodium cirratum) like those in the surrounding plantings, cabbage trees (Cordyline australis) and bush-clad hillsides. Painted by local artist Cliff Uepa.


  1. Louis la Vache

    hee hee…
    The box is certainly making a credible effort to disguise itself as the surrounding plants…

    «Louis» thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  2. joan

    Do these painted boxes stay fresh and bright, they all look immaculate.

  3. paul

    @joan I try to take pictures when they are reasonably clean, that may explain it. Sometimes they get dirty in the weather, but after a while that seems to wash off again. Some suffer tagging attacks, and I tend not to show them then (no exposure for taggers). And in a few cases I was wondering if I had to come with a bucket and mop if I wanted to get a clean picture – but this has not happened so far. Some of the boxes get chipped and dented, though, through construction activity.

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