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Signs of Spring: Hoardings

Hoardings at Western Park, Ponsonby

Hoardings at Western Park, Ponsonby

They only sprout in a 3-year cycle, thankfully. But this year is very special in Auckland, as we prepare to create the SUPER CITY — combining seven separate councils into one, in the hope that Auckland will be able to function and speak with one voice. Best of luck to all the candidates, we expect nothing less than miracles (and reduced rates bills)! Voting papers will be in the mail from tomorrow, with the postal vote closing on October 9.

The two leftmost hoardings seem to have grabbed the opportunity for an artful display not otherwise available in public places. Colourful and with a dominant green component. Seen at the corner of Hopetoun and Ponsonby Roads, Ponsonby.


  1. tapirgal

    It seems these things are “necessary uglies.” Good luck to you all, and may your miracles happen. The flower paintings are a bit of relief 🙂

  2. Bill

    I hate to tell you Paul, but nothing will change. We went through this council amalgamation last year even though the voters didn’t want it. Since then the rates have gone up everywhere and the service has reduced, the only good thing is there are fewer council administrators. Big deal!

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