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Blokarts at Muriwai Beach

Blokarts at Muriwai Beach

Blokarts at Muriwai Beach

When the tide goes out, the hard sand of Muriwai beach is a great track for these lightweight land yachts – given the right wind conditions. And we had no shortage of wind, lately!

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  1. There;s just enough water there to make lovely reflections! The land yaughts look like long as the wind isn’t too gusty. 🙂

  2. What colorful, fun reflections! The land yaughts do indeed look like fun! Great one for the day, Paul! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. This looks like fun.

  4. Those are woderful reflections 🙂
    Have a nice week end
    Elisa, from Argentina

  5. This is a great idea… Well spotted, those reflections… Thanks for the nice sharing.

  6. interesting! the blokarts reflections are stunning, great shot!

  7. Paul,

    You take great photos. This afternoon, we drove to Downtown, I took a lot of photos but because I was in the car, the photos were not very good. Are you going to the wag N walk at Devenport tomorrow? They were very busy preparing for it today.


  8. J’aime ! une impression d’espace et de liberté.

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