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Muriwai: Windswept

Muriwai: Windswept

Muriwai: Windswept

Muriwai lies on Auckland’s West Coast, buffeted by the prevailing westerly winds, pounded by the Tasman Sea, and the dunescape is ever-changing. Over several decades, the dunes have receded by up to a meter per year. The picture above was taken not far to the north of the entrance to the beach, and the ti trees tell the story: shaped by the wind, all but uprooted by the waves, just hanging in there.


  1. Everyday Melbourne

    This is beautiful !!!!
    The shape of the trees are brilliant

  2. joan

    This is a wonderful photograph. I am always fascinated by windswept shapes … in my case usually in the more exposed heaths in the mountains rather than by the sea. Mmm maybe that is where I will go this weekend for my next blog trip.

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