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Pukeko: the Wing Stretch

Pukeko: the Wing Stretch

Pukeko: the Wing Stretch

Seen at Western Springs. Read more about pukeko (the New Zealand purple swamp hen, porphyrio porphyrio) at wikipedia.

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  1. What a fantastic capture! For a moment I thought it was a one-legged bird! Great reflection for the day! Have a great weekend, Paul!


  2. Amazing ! You blog is such a lovely way to discover New Zealand… Thanks for your sharings…

  3. A one-legged wing stretch….that takes a certain amount of balance.

  4. A very interesting looking bird, well captured.

  5. Wow!!!!

    I have never seen a pukeko stretch.

  6. Wow! Great capture!
    I\’ll come back later to see all the beautiful photos;o)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice weekend*******

  7. The bird is interesting and the reflection makes him eveen MORE interesting. 🙂 Great photo!

  8. Oh ! Quel bel oiseau.
    Un reflet magnifique et de belles couleurs. Beautiful photo.

  9. Beautiful – bird, water, reflection. Just capturing that lovely fanned tail makes a wonderful picture.

  10. What a bird! Never seen a swamp hen before.

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