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Patterns on Glass (Miranda Brown)

Patterns on Glass (Miranda Brown)

Patterns on Glass (Miranda Brown)

New Lynn’s railway station has seen a huge transformation which is now completed: a trench has been dug to let the trains go underground, avoiding messy street crossings above. The trench is in large parts open to the sky, surrounded at street level with a wall topped with plate glass. Some of the panes have decorative patterns, designed by Miranda Brown.

Sky and clouds just happen to be there.

A Skywatch Friday photo. More Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site!


  1. I love the patterned glass against that sky! Brilliant!

  2. My kind of picture 🙂

  3. This decorative pattern is stunning!

  4. Oh, yes! The pattern is awesome! Beautiful clouds and skies! A superb capture for the day, Paul, as always! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Nice sky picture you share with us:)

  6. I love the contrast between the rounded shapes of the clouds, and the sharper shapes of the artwork.

  7. The pretty pattern is awesome against the blue sky.

  8. What gorgeous glass panel decorations – and I love that moody sky!

  9. What a great shot…what beautiful public art! 🙂

  10. This is indeed a stunning capture ! I just love the way the pattern is cut in the middle : great angle choice !

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