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The Conductor

The Conductor

The Conductor

Going by train from New Lynn to Britomart station in Auckland’s CBD. The human touch is maintained in the quaint institution of a conductor selling tickets on the train (“How far will you be travelling, Sir?”).

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Ready for Departure

Ready for Departure


  1. robert

    What a great picture ! Over here they are wearing “everyday clothes” in order not to be noticed too soon. Always a safe road ahead for you and a good new month and week as well.

  2. J Bar

    Terrific shots.

  3. ineke

    seems we both got the same take on today’s theme, but i have to admit; yours is more exciting 😉

  4. Steffen

    Really a human post for this theme day. Great! Conductors of “German Railways” (Deutsche Bahn) are not amused if you want to buy tickets only in the train.

    Thank you for visiting “Stuttgart Daily Photo” and commenting my post for November theme day.

  5. Lynette

    Great Theme Day post. Mine is up on November 1 at Portland Oregon Daily Photo; it’s a photo that I took on the Portland, Oregon, MAX Light Rail last Saturday.

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