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The Gulls



The tide is in, and every now and then a big wave crashes over the foot of Motutara Island at Muriwai. The black-backed gulls (Larus dominicanus) are chased off their resting place, returning immediately in the hope of finding some morsels that may have washed up from the sea.

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  1. eye of the beholder

    Wow! Great photo.

  2. joan

    Yes this is a great photo. All action.

  3. Dragonstar

    A wonderful action shot, with the gulls and the wave. Superb.
    I’m sorry to be so late visiting – I had a very busy weekend!

  4. michael

    What fun! Probably just another ho hum take off for the gulls. Bravo on the photo. Congrats on getting it on the Wall.

  5. Dimple

    Great shot, as the others said. I’ve never seen black backed gulls before…

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