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Dodecahedron by Neil Miller

Dodecahedron by Neil Miller

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When I visited the Waitakere Trust Art Awards Exhibition at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson yesterday, I discovered this platonic solid hanging by the entrance to a workshop. A regular dodecahedron in red. I got talking to sculptor Neil Miller whose studio it was, and learned that this was a leftover from an earlier exhibition of his which featured all the platonic solids.

A window frame was leaning against the wall behind, just in the right place to give a nice reflection; or does it? Looks like the glass being perfectly transparent where you expect the reflection — you reflect upon that!


  1. Sylvia Kirkwood

    Terrific capture and a great reflection. The reflection seems to reflect a different view than you see looking directly at the platonic solid! Really interesting. Hope you have a great weekend, Paul!


  2. 'Tsuki

    I love this shot : the opposition between red and blue, the form of this object suspended, the weight we can feel by the angle you chose… Very nice shot indeed.

  3. michael

    The real thing meets the shadow on the wall in the cave? (More Plato-nic stuff.)

  4. joan

    Yes you are right … it is transparent where I expect to see a reflection.

  5. Springman

    I love the tension of the red weight so near the glass!

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