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The Window Cleaner

The Window Cleaner

The Window Cleaner

Cleaning the windows of the Sky City Casino building, Hobson Street.

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  1. This is a job I really won’t do, whatever I can be paid on it… Brrrrr ! I already feel vertigo just by looking at your picture !

  2. I wouldn’t want the job, but love your capture and the reflection! Terrific capture, great timing! Hope you have a great weekend, Paul!


  3. Nice reflection

    greetings from Uruguay 🙂

  4. …. same things happening in Stavanger today!:)

  5. What a well caught photo! The colors are wonderful!

    Although I have to say, I would never be up there myself!

  6. A truly scary job, I’m sure. My husband did it for a bit before I knew him and he had a close call or two when a cable got caught and there was traffic nearby. I just shake my head. He enjoyed it! I guess it was the thrill of the thing.

  7. Comme un alpiniste ! Il n’a pas peur le monsieur. Chouette photo.

  8. Belle photo … la couleur et la composition sont parfaites !

  9. What good would the helmet do? Great job if you like reflections!

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