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Time (Pieces)

Time Pieces (Precision Watch Company, New Lynn)

Time Pieces (Precision Watch Company, New Lynn)

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We are at the Precision Watch Company, 13 Totara Ave, New Lynn. The inauspicious shop front, the name, none of it points to the fact that here we have the leading specialists in tower clocks of NZ. The University of Auckland clock tower as well as the Ferry Building clock are looked after by them, as are numerous other public clocks throughout the country.

Born in 1942 – like me. They must be good!

Precision Watch Company, New Lynn

Precision Watch Company, New Lynn

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  1. Julie

    The forties was a grand decade, Paul!
    I wonder if this company was established by a Swiss expatriate? It takes all types to make a world, but looking into intricate internal mechanisms would not be my way to while away my life. But I guess ENT doctors do that also …

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