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A Gaggle of Pukeko

Shop Window, From N to Z

Shop Window, From N to Z

This great gathering of all manner of pukeko was seen in the shop window of “From N to Z — Classic Kiwi Culture”, at 75 Queen Street.

The pukeko (porphyrio porphyrio) is a swamp hen native to New Zealand.


  1. joan

    Just for fun I looked up the collective nouns for birds … now for these to be a gaggle they would have to be geese. I’m pretty sure pukeko is a water hen they are a brood … Ok those cheerful little guys look much more like a gaggle.

  2. ann new zealand

    Hi Paul,

    Merry Christmas.

    I wonder if these pukekos are made by the same artist at Mt Albert. i drove past once, and I had to stop to take photos of the Giant on the roof.

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