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Illawarra Flame Tree

Illawarra Flame Tree

Last February this Illawarra Flame Tree (brachychiton acerifolius) featured in a post entitled “A Tree of Two Halves”. One half of the tree being smothered in red blossom, while the other half was covered in green foliage. Now the tree is in flower again, but this time it is the other half (or two thirds, to be correct) that do the flowering, while the left hand trunk is bearing the leaves. At 120 Ash Street, Avondale.

Interestingly, I have recently seen another two-trunk flame tree (in Mount Roskill, I think) where one half was in flower and the other half green. Maybe this is a feature?

The picture from February:

Illawarra Flame Tree

Illawarra Flame Tree

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  1. joan

    How interesting. I’ve never seen them do this .. they are usually all red at this time of year.

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