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Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

A sample of this year’s treats. (Reflected) paintings by Haneui Kim.

My warmest Christmas wishes to all.

Find more weekend reflections at James’ Newtown Area Photo.


  1. Clytie

    The reflections of the artwork are so clear that it almost looks like they are part of the mirror! And those goodies – double yummy!!!

  2. jb

    rs jb reckons that you’ve outed some Teutonic genes with this selection…!

    Hope you’ve had a good one. Ejoy the New Year. Maybe we can touch base for a coffee in March

  3. paul

    A keen eye for genealogy, Mrs jb! Although I am not even a close match to either quantity or quality of what my mother used to whip up for Christmas.

    jb, I would be delighted to meet you over coffee when you come to NZ, let me know when you will be here.

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