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To Catch a Sunset

Christmas Day Sunset at Ngunguru

Christmas Day Sunset at Ngunguru

I was not the only one to marvel at the incredible sunset on Christmas day at Ngunguru (Tutukaka Coast) — but I did not want to get my feet wet. A spectacular sunset completed a lovely holiday in Mark and Trudi’s bach and the Bellmain House Bed and Breakfast. Here we see just the reflected glory in the water of the estuary.


  1. Tulsa Gentleman

    The man standing at the edge of the pool of liquid light makes a powerful image. We can project ourselves into his body and be present in this beautiful scene.

  2. Mo

    Absolutely stunning

  3. Paul

    Now thats a sunset worth catching made all the better by the bystander. Here in Yorkshire, England we have had minus temperatures this past few weeks and I am missing the sun.

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