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Self Portrait with Huhu Bug

Huhu Bug (Prionoplus reticularis)

Huhu Bug (Prionoplus reticularis)

The Huhu Bug (Prionoplus reticularis) is the largest native beetle in NZ, reaching up to 5cm from nose to tail. I read that the adults live only about a fortnight, and do not eat – although my acquaintance with this specimen lasted only a few minutes, hence cannot confirm this. However, I found the fellow quite a capable flyer as it took off from my desk to land on the window, and later when I released it into the wild. Lovely pattern on the wing covers.

The larvae (huhu grubs) of this beetle live in decaying wood and are considered a delicacy, raw or cooked. You have to visit the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival for that. I have no personal experience of these meals, but this picture on Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand should convince you.

“Self” is a bit obliterated by the afternoon sun and reflections – keeping you focused on the main subject.


  1. joan

    Insects are so fascinating. Lovely photo.

  2. London Caller

    Good lord! That’s a huge beetle! (with a funny name. :))

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