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They are Back

Vespula Germanica

Vespula Germanica

Every summer, the wasps visit us in greater or lesser numbers, and presently the first ones have arrived. They are attracted to the timber rail of our deck where they take shavings for use in the construction of their nests. The kanuka trees nearby are hosts to scale insects producing sweet sap, another attraction for the insects.

When they fly inside the house, they will inevitably try to escape, dancing up and down the window panes – fodder for the camera, if I am fast enough to follow them. This shot was taken with flash, producing a nice double reflection.

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  1. Dragonstar

    I don’t like wasps in the house, but this is such a great photo it might be worth it! That double reflection is incredible!

  2. Lachezar

    Amazing and a bit creepy at the same time!
    Great shot and quite brave to get close up and personal with this stingy insect…
    Cheers Paul!

  3. joan

    I would not be following too close … scared of their sting … but I’m glad you did the reflection is great.

  4. tere

    very great picture.

  5. Snow Leopard


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