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Bridge to Nowhere (Glen Eden)

Overbridge at Glen Eden railway station

Overbridge at Glen Eden railway station

Temporarily, this bridge leads from nowhere to nowhere – evil tongues might suggest that this is the case anyway, but we shall speak no evil on this blog!

The bridge at the Glen Eden railway station was built about 4 years ago at a cost of 1.8 million dollars in the course of the double-tracking of the western railway line (and allowing for future electrification for height). Wheelchair access required ramps of about 80 metres in length on either side, causing an uproar in the local community where the main street was completely dominated by this structure. On Boxing Day, demolition work got under way to remove the ramps, replacing them with less visually obtrusive steps at a cost of about $600,000. It appears that wheelchair users preferred to use the level crossing at the other end of the station over the long and arduous slope.

Work is expected to be completed in February.

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