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Scolypopa Australis

Passionvine Hopper (<em>Scolypopa Australis</em>)

Passionvine Hopper (Scolypopa Australis)

The Passionvine Hoppers (Scolypopa Australis) are sap sucking insects and both their nymphal stages as well as the adults (shown) can create quite a mess with their secretions. They are a major pest for both passionfruit and kiwifruit, as the black fungus growing on the sugary ‘honeydew’ makes the fruit unmarketable. They are also unpopular in our garden. Length about 7-8 millimetres. While the name might suggest that these critters are selective in their choice of host plant, they will in fact invade any plants with a good supply of sap.

This is an image of a hopper sitting on our window, taken with flash, producing a black background. I am showing a negative.

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  1. Sharp and close up image.Interesting method to photograph and display it!


  2. Great idea. It’s a fine, clear picture, with plenty of detail.
    Funny, it looks too attractive to be as destructive as it is.

  3. I saw a moth the other night and thought I should try my hand a photographing some … this one is lovely … interesting photographic approach.

  4. wow… It just look as if it was frozen… Great shot !

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