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Scolypopa Australis

Passionvine Hopper (<em>Scolypopa Australis</em>)

Passionvine Hopper (Scolypopa Australis)

The Passionvine Hoppers (Scolypopa Australis) are sap sucking insects and both their nymphal stages as well as the adults (shown) can create quite a mess with their secretions. They are a major pest for both passionfruit and kiwifruit, as the black fungus growing on the sugary ‘honeydew’ makes the fruit unmarketable. They are also unpopular in our garden. Length about 7-8 millimetres. While the name might suggest that these critters are selective in their choice of host plant, they will in fact invade any plants with a good supply of sap.

This is an image of a hopper sitting on our window, taken with flash, producing a black background. I am showing a negative.

For more black and white images check out Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.


  1. Barbara (Xerraire)

    Sharp and close up image.Interesting method to photograph and display it!


  2. Dragonstar

    Great idea. It’s a fine, clear picture, with plenty of detail.
    Funny, it looks too attractive to be as destructive as it is.

  3. joan

    I saw a moth the other night and thought I should try my hand a photographing some … this one is lovely … interesting photographic approach.

  4. 'Tsuki

    wow… It just look as if it was frozen… Great shot !

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