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Sera and Her Tui

Sera's Tui

Sera's Tui

Sera Mitchinson is a designer selling her clothes at the Titirangi markets and elsewhere under the label “Selector“. Here she poses with her body art, a delicately tattooed tui on a flowering branch.

The tattoo artist is Peter Bauer, owner of Uptown Tattoo 175 Symonds St in Auckland (visit them on Facebook).

It seems to me that decorative tattoos are on the increase — and with examples like this, I am all for it. (But I won’t have my own body improved by a tattoo any time soon.)

Bird, Branch, and Flowers

Bird, Branch, and Flowers


  1. Paul

    Sera looks to have got someone who knew what they were doing, looks nicely done. I think you are right, it does seem on the increase, I think especially so on young women. Here in Yorkshire I see a surprising number of young women with quite large pieces of body art. I do not understand the attraction, especially when it is not easily hidden from view. The times they are a changing, I spent 8 years in the Marines and do not have a single tattoo.

  2. herta

    beautiful, with and without face!
    the clothes in their unique style are fantastic as well!

  3. Sera Mitchinson

    A word from the subject for all who are curious on the attraction of tattoo..

    For me, as a creative person, tattoo art has always been a fascination since I was a child. I see it as a form of expression, as well as a memoir of stages of life/ events that I wish to be reminded of. I got my first one on my 21st birthday, which almost made me faint, and have added a few more since then to commemorate milestones in my life, (my three daughters, anniversary etc), and they make me happy to look at. Now as an adult, finally comfortable in my own skin, I made the decision to wear my heart on my sleeve, so to speak, and began the process of a half-sleeve.

    Traditionally, a tattooed sleeve is just that, the story of your life, your ancestory, things that have strong meaning to you, whether it is old school sailor art, Maori moko, Samoan Pe`a, Japanese work, or modern and abstract, your tattoo visually communicates your personality. Of course there are some questionable choices out there, but they are the choice of the individual, and not really for anyone else to judge!

    I waited to start my sleeve, (used to talk about having one at High School), until I felt I was at the right stage in my life. I thought long and hard about what I wanted as a tattoo, and had found the right artist to tattoo me. I am still not quite finished with it, as it is a long process which is developing organically~ and it hurts a bit! I am fully aware I will be wearing the same artwork as an old lady, and can honestly say I love it now, and will love it then, as my interests and personality are intrinsically part of me, and my tattoos will always remind me of who I am. My man and my children love it too, though I am not sure about my parents..

    FINALLY~ Big ups to Pete @ Uptown Tattoo~ one very talented artist.!


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