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Juice Fountain

Zummo Automatic Citrus Juice Machine

Zummo Automatic Citrus Fruit Machine

A hot day at the market requires liquid refreshments, and none better than freshly squeezed orange juice straight from this fountain from brucethejuice. Besides, it is fun to watch the mechanism (made in Spain by Zummo), even if you are not thirsty. A regular at Titirangi markets.

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  1. How thoughtful a fountain. May time and life treat you kind throughout this new month.

    daily athens

  2. I like the way you think, Paul! 🙂

  3. Good one and given the heat we are having right now … a tempting thought.

  4. Yam! Would love to have a glass of that fresh juice!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pic;o)

    Have a nice day, Paul****

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