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MS Amsterdam

MS Amsterdam at Princes Wharf

MS Amsterdam at Princes Wharf

Seen last Sunday, getting ready for a 29-day Grand World Voyage from Auckland to Hong Kong, via the eastern coast of NZ and Tasmania, Sydney, … . Nice orange lifeboats, best if they can stay in their alcoves for the duration of the trip.

The picture was taken from the Fullers ferry to Waiheke Island, where we walked the Headlands Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition, concluding with a visit of Cable Bay Vineyards. Some pictures in future posts.


  1. Anneliese (Mrs. jb)

    Bugger! Why does this exhibition have to finish before we get there?!! We used to go to Waiheke for “Art on the Gulf” and finish the tour off with many a lazy lunch at the Mudbrick Cafe. Wouldn’t mind doing this again this time around – art or no art. I am so jealous!!!

  2. paul

    @Anneliese: you could also initiate new experiences, for example the Brick Bay sculptures+winery near Matakana; or Terry Stringer’s Zealandia with Ransom winery not far? But maybe you have done all of these already. And as you say, oenology is a perfectly good pursuit in its own right, and Waiheke is a splendid destination in fine weather.

  3. Paul

    If I ever go on a boat I always look to see where the lifeboats and gear is stowed, canoes do not count I could swim to the bank. Leeds in photos

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