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French Knitting (Mia Hamilton)

Pohutukawa Tree and French Knitting by Mia Hamilton

Pohutukawa Tree and French Knitting by Mia Hamilton

Remember your childhood before computer games? Mia Hamilton wants to evoke that smile with her entry in the Headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition on Waiheke Island (28 January — 20 February, go there before it is all over!). From the catalogue: “This work is raw, honest and larger than life”.

Yours for $4,500. (Tree not included.)

Get Knitting! (Strickliesel)

Get Knitting! (Strickliesel)


  1. Tulsa Gentleman

    It looks like a great long snake. The tree is interesting in that it sits so low to the ground.

  2. joan

    I’m not keen on the big snake but I do love the idea of gaint french knitting .. that is what we called as kids when we were weaving plastic key rings through a cotton reel.

  3. Sue Elliott

    Wonderful; especially the photo in the catalogue which added the nuclear cloud, transforming the meaning yet again. the wryness adds to the meaning, but also the environmental commentary; another superb example of craftivism/art boundary.

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