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Bagged Onions near Waiuku

Bagged Onions near Waiuku

On our recent trip to Manukau Heads, we came across large fields of onions in various states of the harvest. This field is on the Awhitu Road just out of Waiuku.

The region around Pukekohe is famous for the produce grown here, and onions form a significant part of the production. Much of the harvest is for export, Europe and Japan being the main markets. The Pukekohe Longkeeper variety was developed here by John Turbot in the 1920s. It is a fairly hard and pungent kind of onion with excellent storage characteristics, now the mainstay of local crops.

Onion Harvest (Waiuku)

Onion Harvest (Waiuku)

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  1. I also enjoy looking at the farming activities when I am on a drive. I often don’t know what I am looking at however,

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