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The Moth

The Moth

The Moth

I always like shooting insects on window panes because of the reflections. So when this moth landed on the bathroom mirror — bliss. Since the main reflection originates from the silver layer behind the thick mirror glass, it gives an altogether floating impression, unlike reflection on window glass (e.g. here or here).

You have to like its antlers! Can anybody identify the critter?

Find more weekend reflections at James’ Newtown Area Photo.

The Moth

The Moth


  1. Sylvia Kirkwood

    These are superb! What amazing reflections, Paul! Not sure what its name is, but it has an awesome pair of antlers!!! Terrific!! Have a great weekend!


  2. pat

    amazing close-ups and reflections!

  3. Gine

    Il est devenu monstre ! Magnifique !

  4. Mickie Brown

    Too cool!! Clever, unique shot. Mickie

  5. snowwhite

    This tiny creature has exquisite and delicate beauty.
    Its antennas look so fragile. I love this.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. 'Tsuki

    That is such a little pretty thingy… I love it !

  7. MarieElizabeth

    Holy cow these are amazing! Fantastic detail, color and reflection. I will definitely need to be on the look out for the mirror technique come warmer months with flying critters.

  8. Buck

    Stunning macro and a wonderful reflection!

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